iTIC foundation?

The Intelligent Traffic Information Center Foundation or iTIC was officially approved the registration by Ministry of Interior as a non-profit organization on June 14, 2010 with a registered capital of 500,000 Baht supported by Thai ITS Association.

iTIC collects public traffic data from both government and private sources in order to develop into high quality real time traffic report. The service of iTIC is established to minimize traffic congestion,increase road safety and improve efficiency of logistic system in Thailand.iTIC aims to contribute to society under the co-operation by several sectors.

iTIC has invited prominent figures from intelligent transportation system industry to administrate the foundation in order to achieve mission described above.iTIC collects and processes public traffic data from both government (CCTV) and private sources from Taxi, Bus, Logistic and Mobile Phone probes. 

The combined traffic data will be processed for adding value before disseminating to public.Revenue of iTIC is supported by donors from both government and private sectors. The fund is mainly used to improve quality of traffic information without paying dividend to stakeholders.

Objective of iTIC

To be the traffic information center that provides the information to general public in order to reduce traffic congestion and increase road safety.

Benefits to Thai Society

  • To enhance collaboration between government and private sectors in providing traffic information to general public.
  • To lessen traffic congestion and increase traveling convenience.
  • To promote road safety.