Real Time Traffic Broadcast

RDS-TMC is a traffic information broadcast system using radio frequency in FM band.It utilizes the FM subcarrier at 57 kHz from the center frequency.With cooperation from Royal Thai Air Force radio station FM 102.5 MHz. iTIC foundation broadcast at 102.557 MHz for RDS-TMC.This will not interfere with any other frequencies.The receiving traffic information can be formatted in various kinds of representation such as text-based, graphic-based, or map-based.

The receiving traffic information is stored in a database of Traffic Information Center (iTIC) and is prepared for distribution over the Internet.For RDS-TMC system, the information is encoded in TMC format according to ISO 14819 standard, and transferred to RDS encoder to convert the encoded data to RF signal for FM broadcast.

The traffic data after receiving can be transformed into many formats according to applications.It can be shown as an event with an icon on a map shown in a navigator to show incident time and location.